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Sian Ducker is an oil painting artist who recently combined glass work into her practice to identify a line of communication between the physical and the non-physical; what can be seen and what can only be felt. Sian looks to conceptualise the destructive potential and power our shadowed self has over our conscious self, reflecting on her own experience with mental health. 

Professional Background

  • 2023 Next Message, Degree Show exhibition - Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • 2019 Party In the Park - New College Stamford, Lincolnshire

2020 - 2023

BA Fine Art Degree

Manchester Metropolitan University 

2017 - 2019

Art and Design Diploma 

Stamford College 

During my degree studies I continued developing my painting practice, focusing on the human form, before venturing into the opportunities of working with glass. 

During my college studies is where I began my journey on the hyperrealistic painting style. It was here that I adapted the technique from Chiaroscuro to add a warmer under painting with yellow ochre and burnt sienna. Since then this is a technique I use in all my oil paintings to warm the skin tone.

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